So we've set the date and we both know we're about to get some amazing pics but we all come to that one big question of... what am I going to wear!? Unfortunately, the wrong outfit can really make or break the whole scene and experience. You want something special but nothing over the top. Maybe you're sick of all your clothes and you can't imagine feeling your best self in anything you already have, much less trying to coordinate with your significant other who chances are doesn't have the same taste as you do!

If any of this applies to you, welp- I got you covered. ;)

Let's start with the basics.

  • Simple tones: I usually recommend wearing pretty neutral colors because it works best with not only my editing style but also the scenery we will be in, however, the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable :)
  • Simplicity: it's good to keep your outfits to one print max - so if your dress/shirt has stripes, for example, his should be more of a plain shirt - or vice versa - that way you two don't clash!
  • Options: I always encourage couples to bring more than one outfit, often times a dressier option and then a more casual one, so that way you have some more variety in the photos and then you also have the freedom to decide what you're feeling in the moment or based on whatever location we find! 
  • It's a special day: if nothing you currently have thrills you, use it as an opportunity to go get a new outfit and then it'll hold such special memories along with it :)) Just don't wait until the day of to do it, as I've made the mistake of doing in the past (lol whoops)

Below are some examples from past sessions that have worked really well to hopefully give you some ideas! :)