Engagement Session Questionnaire

If you've landed on this page, it means we are about to have an epic adventure capturing the two of you during this engagement season! My heart is to make every session unique to each couple because everyone's story is so special and different from the next! Getting to know you a little beforehand allows me to cater each experience perfectly for the two of you and allows you to open up a little as well so it doesn't feel like we're complete strangers the day of our session! Consider it the pre-game to an amazing night! ;) So cuddle up to your partner and take just a couple minutes to fill out this questionnaire and I'll see you soon!! :))

A little about me...

Okay, since you took the time to tell me a little bit about you, I think it's only fair that I tell you my answers to these questions as well! You can reach me at (208) 440-5553 the day of to meet up (or anytime for that matter if you need anything!). My go to snack are pretzels and I love me some pamplemousse La Croix, or a Celsius if I also need some caffeine! One thing I could not live without is obviously my family (duh). To the right is a photo of us at the Oregon Coast with my husband Joe and my daughters Laela (4) and Nova (1). But otherwise, definitely my computer... I mean how else am I going to edit all the wonderful pictures I'm about to take of you!? My top love language is DEFINITELY quality time, which is why I say our session will only be about an hour but often we go way over cause I just love spending time with my couples! I LOVE dogs so it's not even a question of whether you should bring 'em if you got 'em! I get so giddy hearing about favorite memories between you two and how you met! The one thing I want you to know is I'm not here to force you to look put together or perfectly posed - I want the REAL, goofy, awkward, best friends kind of love that you two share! So you be you and I'll do my thing and together we'll make magic >>