Nestled in the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, a summer elopement unfolded as a dream come true for Eve and Brandon. I received an email from Eve explaining how they originally planned as a destination wedding in Umbria, Italy back in 2020, but their plans were postponed due to the global pandemic. Their plans were ultimately postponed 3 more times as travel restrictions were still in place. They even rerouted to having an epic celebration on New Year's Eve, only to get sick days before. However, the couple's resilience and love for each other prevailed, and they decided to create an intimate and unforgettable celebration in their home state of Oregon.

Eve and Brandon's story is quite literally out of a fairytale. After planning to use a recipe they found from a local chef's cook book for their wedding, they got in contact with Lutia, the Italian woman who wrote the book, who ended up living only one hour away on a winery in the gorgeous hills of Hood River, Oregon. One conversation led to another and in true Italian courtesy, Lutia graciously offered her home to host their fifth shot at celebrating their love with all their friends and family. So when Eve found me and said this was her last attempt at wearing her wedding dress, I knew I was going to give my all at making her dreams come true.

Lutia's backyard was adorned with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and twinkling fairy lights -- creating a magical and romantic ambiance. In order to keep the couple from seeing each other, we waited inside her home waiting for all the guests to arrive before beginning the ceremony. Peering into the kitchen, there was no doubt it was the heart of the home. The scent of fresh Italian cuisine wafted through the air as guests later would indulge in a feast of homemade pasta, fragrant basil, and rich red wine, a meal so satiating not only to everyone's bellies but even to that of the couple's original plans for their wedding in Italy.

Eve radiated in her elegant lace gown, and Brandon looked dashing in his tailored suit. They exchanged heartfelt vows with a Catholic priest, the vineyard serving as a breathtaking backdrop. The love and joy shared between the couple and their close-knit group of friends were palpable, as tears of happiness and laughter filled the air.

As the evening unfolded, Eve and Brandon danced the night away under the stars, twirling and laughing as the old Italian woman serenaded them with traditional songs. They celebrated with gelato, a cake with sparklers, and a champagne tower to toast. The warmth of the summer night and the love of their friends created an unforgettable atmosphere, and the couple was filled with gratitude for the unexpected beauty and intimacy of their elopement.

Although their plans had changed due to unforeseen circumstances, Eve and Brandons's elopement in the Hood River was a testament to their love and resilience. It was a celebration that brought together the magic of Italy and the natural beauty of Oregon, creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime. It was a summer night that reminded them that love conquers all, and that the most meaningful moments can arise from unexpected situations. As the sun set and the stars twinkled above, they felt grateful for the unexpected turn of events that led them to their perfect elopement in the Columbia River Gorge, and they knew that even with already being married for two years that their love story was just beginning, with a lifetime of adventures yet to come. Whether they were celebrating in Italy or in the backyard of an old Italian woman in Oregon, Eve and Brandon knew that the love they had found in each other was worth celebrating no matter where they were in the world.